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Change of Weather Services - ON LINE SESSIONS

SIMPLE - we do your tracks in our studio, and send them back to you via FTP!

You dont have to physically be in our studio to use it. We can do your tracks on line. Prepare a backing track, send it to us in any format, ensure we have a tempo and a click track to line it up. We record your Electric Bass and Acoustic Bass lines, backing vocals, string arrangements, drums, brass parts, sax solos. its presented to you as an MP3. if you like it, pay for it, and we send the AIF or WAV file. And that's it!

Featuring BASS from Paul Carmichael and VOCALS from Vanessa Haynes
DRUMS from our Partner Paul Robinson


We record cleanly and accurately. We've got great mikes (Neuman 89, AKG 414, RODE Classics etc) and MOTU 896 converters. We wont process through pre-amps or compressors or reverbs. and we won't radically EQ anything - thats up to you. What you get is clean Audio files to drop into your DAW and carry on working.

Tell us waht format yuo want (44KHZ, 48 KHz, 24 Bit etc) and you get an MP3 audtion file, and once you pay for it via PAYPAL, you get the high quality audio file by FTP, using either or our own ChangeofWeather FTP site.

For example, If you are working on a track and need to get some ideas about bass lines because your programming is just not happening, I can supply you a bass track. Or you have that great lead singer, but the BVs are amateurish adn out of tune, use Vanessa Haynes for the very best you can get in London. we can even use up to 6 singers on one session, and we can arrange it for you.

Since we run 3 bands we know and use the best session players in London for our gigs and sessions. They can be available for you too. Soon we will have video link into the studio so you can monitor a recordgin session.

However small is simple and lower cost! Its up to you.

Type of Track What You get (unprocessed clean audio)

Any Scores you have should be sent as PDF.

Bass Guitar Played on Overwater Basses with rich deep, Clean sound. 2 Versions supplied to choose from. £90 per Track
Fretless Bass Unique Fretless Sound. 2 Versions supplied to choose from. £90 per Track
Double Bass Ideal for Jazz, or "Nora Jones" style music. 2 Versions supplied to choose from. £90 per Track
Backing Vocals Usually 3 part harmony, in 6 voices. Unison lines are usually 4 part.

Key changes are extra. We assume you will copy and paste for choruses, (for example). But key changes require us to record those sections again.

£175 per track
Backing Vocal Group As above, but with between 2-6 singers. Fee per track plus session fees By negotiation
Strings From a solist, to a string quartet. If you need a bigger string section, we can track this up. We can do a maximum of 5 string players in one take. by negotiation
Drums We are partnered with PAUL ROBINSON, who's CV is a very long page!
Other instruments We have recorded brass section, pedal steel, guitars, Vibraphones, etc. So call to discuss.


1) For Vocal tracks, More than one key change may result in an addtional cost.

2) All payment processed through PayPal. We invoice you for 50% before we start. You get to hear the MP3 of our work. You settle the additional MP3. We upload the WAV or AIF files to your FTP site, or you can download from ours. (eg iDisk)

3) If used on a commercially released CD, you agree to credit us on the CD, so that Performers Mechanicals can be collected. (PPL)

4) if you want to proceed, BOOK NOW.

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