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Our PA is big, modern, sounds brilliant and comes with great engineers.

We have 4 desks: Soundcraft G8, Allen and Heath 24 channel, and smaller Soundcraft and Yamaha desk. FOH is Martin and Electrovoice. Power Amps are C-Audio and QMS. Outboard gear is DBX, BSS, Lexicon, etc. And Behringer A18

We have a huge selection of mikes, and we can also supply backline and lighting.

Led by our superb engineers, James and Nick, we can handle anything from a small party, to medium sized band, to large outdoor event.

its best to discuss your requirements with us first before getting a quote. Apart from the amount of equipment you need, we also need to assess the "get-ins". This is the loading in and loading out of equipment. And it will determine: how many crew we need; for how many hours; transport costs.

Typical pricing starts at £450, and goes up to £1500

Lighting and Backline is extra.

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