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Paul Carmichael is a bass player, composer, and producer. Personal Website -

I started out in the late seventies, working around London, and worked with Allan Holdsworth (recorded the seminal album IOU), Ian Carr's Nucleus, Jon Hiseman and Barbara Thomson, Manu Dubango.

Also did 2 Albums with Steve Topping : "Time and Distance", and "What it Is"

After a lot of Jazz work I got involved in the London session scene and theatre world. This got me involved in endless sessions and TV work, plus all the big West End shows, like Les Miserable, Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat, and cult classic (my favourite!) Moby Dick.

During the early 90s I took time out to study design and the emerging digital desktop publishing, but around 1995 began writing and composing more seriously. I launched my own instrumental band, and recorded a live album. We had a few problems getting it released, but its now available on CDBABY, or Order it Direct on Line

As 2000 arrived I started producing and set up my own studio (see the studio link). My first major project was with Vanessa Haynes, and I have been musical director of that project till now and we are planning a new album for 2011.

I started to run 2 live bands, Paul Carmichael Band, and for private parties, Xtatic (xtatic web site)

This year I have written and produced a new studio album of new instrumental music and it features Vanessa Haynes on vocals, Richard Bailey (drums), Rick Laughlin (Keyboards), Rob Hughes (Sax), Trevor Myers (Trombone), Martin Shaw (trumpet), Roberto Pla (percussion), Jeff Scantlebury (percussion), Francesco Mendolia (drums)
and a series of guest guitar players:
Chris Standring(guitars), Julian Burdock (Guitars), Tim Cansfield (Guitars) Carl Orr (Guitars),

Release date is March 2011

Personal Website -


Liberation Salsa - click here Headwinds - click here
Change of Weather - click here Embrace - click here
Bass Clef Gogo - click here Stepping Out - with Vanessa Haynes - click here

The Paul Carmichael Jazz Fusion band at Ealing Jazz Festival

Featuring Vanessa Haynes

Martin Shaw, and Adrian Revell


Playing my favorite Fretless Bass, made by OVERWATER GUITARS

Mark Johns

String Overdubs on the last album discussing the music.

Change of Weather


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